Nine signs of Depression

Depression is a serious mental health condition that affects many people at different times in their lives.

Here are some signs that you may be suffering with depression-


Feeling exhausted all the time. Not having the energy to do anything. Staying in bed all day. 

No Joy

Finding that you get no pleasure from things that you usually do. When going to the movies, cooking a meal, or a walking in the park, which used to be pleasurably now feel dull and uninteresting.

Lack of Concentration

Can’t read a book, watch a film or get any work done because you can’t concentrate on the task in front of you.

Avoiding things

The pile of mail lying unopened by the door is growing. The list of missed and unreturned calls on the phone is getting longer.

Lack of self care

Not showering, not shaving, not brushing your teeth. That old stained t-shirt will do. Clothes a mess. Bedroom is a tip. Dust is gathering on every surface. The unwashed dishes in the sink are starting to fester. Eating crap, can’t be bothered preparing a tasty health meal. 


Can’t sleep, lying awake all night or all you can do is sleep, constantly tired.


No appetite, can’t stomach a thing or eating too much, over eating.


Feeling sad. Feeling sad all the time. All day and all night. Constant sadness.

Suicidal thoughts

Thinking about death or suicide. If you are feeling suicidal contact your GP or the emergency services. They can help.

If you are suffering any of these symptoms, especially for extended periods of time (two weeks or more) you can contact your GP. If you feel you are in crisis contact the emergency services or go to A&E. They are there to help.

Counselling for Depression

Depression can be all absorbing, and it can feel like it’s never ending sometimes. It can be hard to remember a time before this mood took over and really difficult to see a future when this mood has lifted. You are not alone, many people suffer with depression everyday. You can feel better and it does get easier. Help is available.

Counselling can help for depression. 

Having someone to talk to and to open up about how you are really feeling can be a great relief. Here at Respire Counselling I use a range of techniques to help you right now in your present day to day life and to explore your emotions at a deeper level to help you build resilience and gain understanding of your feelings. To help you overcome your depression. Get in touch now for counselling for depression

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