What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a form of mediation that helps ground us in the present moment.

We are often elsewhere in our day to day life, either running on automatic pilot or thinking about the future or the past.

Mindfulness can help bring us out of automatic thought and bring us back to the present. What are we noticing right now.

How to practise Mindfulness?

Mindfulness can be practised at any time simply by observing what is happening right now. Stopping to take a moment to smell the flowers, to listen to the rustle of the leaves in the trees, to take the time to taste the food we are eating.

Guided Mindfulness meditations

As you practise these meditations thoughts and images may fill your mind. This is normal. We are all thinking all the time. The object of mindfulness is not to rid the mind of thoughts but to allow these thoughts to pass with out analysis, description or reaction.

When you notice you have become lost in a thought or image, or have drifted off somewhere else, congratulate yourself for noticing, acknowledge the thought and simply bring your attention back to the meditation.

Mindfulness is like any exercise, the more you practise the more you get from it.

Mindfulness can be used as part of your self care routine.

This routine can also include socialising, exercise, learning, self development and counselling.

If you would like to introduce counselling into your self care please get in touch.


Self Check 10 Minutes

Here is a 10 minute guided Self Check Meditation. You can practice this meditation every day to help ground you in the moment. Once you are more practised you may like to move on to longer meditations.


Here as a shorter 5 minute Mindfulness of the Breathe guided meditation. This one focuses on bring awareness to the breathe and can help bring mindfulness in to your everyday life.


More meditations will be added every few weeks so please check back to expand your practise.